Here at Adaptive Technologies we are passionate about the web. We build accessible websites that are easy to use and employ a Drupal, open source content management system that gives clients complete control over their content. The websites we make come with a choice of in-built features, such as news and events listings, site-wide search, calendar, feedback forms, page commenting, breadcrumb menu, a site map and more.

If you need a website to present and organise a large collection then adding an Apache Solr search might be a good idea. Likewise, if the aim is to monetize a collection, then adding e-commerce may be a priority. Whatever your need, talk to us first, we're happy to help.

Susan Marcus and Phil holding up a blackboard each to display: 10 - Most - Wanted. click to toggle the image

Susan Lambert, Marcus Winter and Phil Blume at a Nesta learning event in London. We were asked if we wanted pictures of ourselves for our report. Having discovered three blackboards in the photographer's room, the result, once we had organised ourselves, you see here.


Alex, Simon and Seb, each holding up a mobile device while testing the VisAge prototype app. click to toggle the image

Testing the VisAge application in Queen's Gardens, Brighton: in one of the pictures Alex Kewn, Simon Julier and Seb Axelsen are lined up with various mobile devices, in the other we look over Simon's shoulder at the tablet display.


Susan speaking at the conference: Museums on the Web 2013, with Marcus and Phil awaiting their turn. click to toggle the image

Susan Lambert, Marcus Winter and Phil Blume present the 10 Most Wanted project at the Museums Computer Group conference, 'Museums on the Web'. Held at Tate Modern, museum people from all over the country were there to exchange ideas about presenting collections and engaging audiences using web technologies.


Ana Moutinho testing a VisAge prototype on red tablet device while Will Steptoe observes. click to toggle the image

Testing the VisAge application in Brighton's North Laine: Ana Moutinho and Will Steptoe from UCL test an early prototype in one of the pictures while, in the other, Phil Blume explains to Ngar Mei Choi and Savina Radeva from University of Brighton how it works.


Danny making notes on a whiteboard while sat by the window in the setting of the unrestored drawing room of The Regency Town House click to toggle the image

A user experience session with Danny Hope in the drawing room of our base at The Regency Town House. We like to involve Dan at the concept and design stages, he brings a wealth of experience, had some great ideas and is good to work with. You can find him here: http://dannyhope.co.uk/


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