Phil Blume presenting 10 Most Wanted at 'Museums on the Web 2014' conference, with Susan Lambert and Marcus Winter waiting to speak.
Phil Blume presenting 10 Most Wanted at 'Museums on the Web 2014' conference, with Susan Lambert waiting to speak.
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This website is under construction. It's a bit like a plumber's bathroom or a cobbler's shoes; we're too busy with client work to spend time getting our own house in order. There are bits missing, the styling isn't done yet and it's littered with place holders, such as: Image to go here. Please bear with us while we sort it out.

A bit about us…

Here at Adaptive Technologies we are passionate about the web. We build accessible websites that are easy to use and employ a content management system that gives clients complete control over their content. The websites we make come with a choice of built-in features, such as news and events listings, a search system, a calendar, feedback forms, a site map and more.

Current work

10 Most Wanted

Inspired by the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted website, our project combines the web, social media and gaming to motivate the public to search for unrecorded information about cultural artefacts.

10 Most Wanted enables players to work together and to reach out to other groups for assistance. It encourages them in physical enquiry as well as online research. It also helps curators to grow public interest around a collection and provides a framework for integrating user-generated content into curated collections.



This is a website for a collaborative, community-based project providing information about Brighton & Hove's historic homes and streets.

It contains more than 50,000 images of street directories and census returns relating to those who lived in the historic parts of Brighton & Hove. The website includes an area where these images can be classified and tagged by the public as a means to help local people to engafge with the history of their neighbourhood.

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